Agile5 Technologies, Inc.: Taking Agile into AWS

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Although businesses intend to reap the benefits of AWS to revamp their efficiency, scalability, and asset and cost management, their efforts face a significant knowledge gap hurdle. Not being able to understand the management of cloud infrastructures, businesses experience a multitude of limitations while determining the key features and functionalities which they should focus on. “This is where our expertise comes in handy,” says Lisa L. Fritsch, President and CEO of Agile5 Technologies, Inc. “Leveraging our in-depth know-how of cloud, we bridge the gap between legacy environments and cloud technologies to give clients a seamless experience.” With its motto to proactively plan and execute Agile methodologies for AWS migration, Agile5 has been successfully catering to numerous companies in the government and commercial space since the company’s founding in 2011. “As a proponent of Agile, we take advantage of the intense intercommunication of our teams to evaluate clients’ needs and deliver aptly in the AWS environment,” Fritsch says.

Agile5 differentiates itself from its competitors with the unique engagement strategy it incorporates to address the predicaments of clients. Agile5’s team of cloud experts is the “secret sauce” behind the company’s success, Fritsch says. To reduce the project duration, the team thoroughly evaluates the client’s requirements and comprehends all the applications that need to be migrated to the cloud at the outset of client engagement. The team further examines the degree of change needed to move those applications to the cloud; following which, suggestions are made to boost performance.

With security playing a major role in migration services, Agile5 ensures that the migrated applications remain compliant with the mandatory security standards. Having set the required security protocols, the company offers the right support while making sure that the client leverages all the functionalities of the native cloud technologies.

Leveraging our in-depth know-how of cloud, we bridge the gap between legacy environments and cloud technologies to give clients a seamless experience

The company’s ISO 9001:2015-certified internal quality management system ensures that Agile5 lives up to its clients’ expectations. Apart from committing on quality, the system also focuses on satisfying all applicable client requirements, monitoring internal performance, and training employees appropriately. With these functionalities, the quality management system sets a standard for the company to constantly and continuously improve its client engagement process.

To achieve customer goals while reducing costs, Agile5 provides adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvements in large-scale enterprise systems. In one example, Agile5 helped an enterprise in the government space to transition its software system to a hybrid cloud solution using Red Hat OpenStack and AWS. The transition helped the client reduce the span of testing from five business days to five hours. In another example, Agile5 helped a commercial travel agency migrate its customer relationship management system from an aging legacy hardware system to AWS. The client reported a decrease in query response time from 10 minutes to seconds. Fritsch proudly says that both clients approached Agile5 again for their future projects.

Agile5’sleadership believes in fostering synergy to ensure greater business outcomes to their clientele. With a client satisfaction rate of 100 percent, Agile5 is steering in the right track of becoming a migration acceleration partner with AWS. Aware of the capabilities of DevOps, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, the company is now focused on expanding its technological abilities to fast-paced delivery and cut more costs for clients. “We are constantly experimenting with various methodologies to become more robust in catering to the needs of our clients,” concludes Adam Leach, Agile5’s Vice President of Operations.

Agile5 Technologies, Inc.

Morgantown, WV

Lisa L. Fritsch, President & CEO

Founded in 2011, Agile5 Technologies is a small, woman-owned systems architecture and software development firm that provides explicitly enterprise software systems for government agencies, as well as commercial interests. With an aim to encourage economic development, Agile5 is focused on hiring local professionals from its historically underutilized business zones. The company was formed with the goal of providing efficient software solutions while simultaneously reducing costs and exceeding customer requirements. Every member of the executive team brings in the table a unique insight and vision into solving the complex problems faced by the clients