InvexTechnology Solutions: Helping to Embrace the Cloud Environment

John Amos, President & CEO
With an aim to improve operational efficiency and gain competitive advantage, organizations are increasingly turning to cloud service providers like AWS to migratetheir IT infrastructure and computing necessities. However, for most companies that are managing their system infrastructure needs either in-house or on-premise data center, the thought of moving to cloud still brings with it concerns over security, cost and data privacy. “The concepts of AWS are still vague for new users and most are accustomed to the traditional on-premise implementation mindset,” says John Amos, the President, and CEO of Invex Technology Solutions. “Customers are hesitant to embrace the managed AWS services like SQS, SNS, and S3 which are easy to run and already exist.”

Invex Technology Solutions is a cutting-edge Cloud Technology Development company that offers secured enterprise-class IT solutions for organizations of various sizes. “We help our customers understand the benefits of AWS along with "the shared responsibility model"of security and compliance and guide them to best architect their solutions by leveragingAWS,” says Amos. InvexTechnology Solutions works alongside customers as an extension of their team on how they can operate in AWS; understands thesecurity measures and the risks involved. As a result, customers can make a smooth transition to the new cloud environment.

Most organizations have an already existing process before migrating to the cloud. Invexstarts by tailoring the software development lifecycle procedure and helps them to get the most out of AWS services offered to build out a system infrastructure and deploy the applications on the cloud. Invex also helps to optimizethe security using tools out of Amazon like Guard Duty and Trusted Advisor. Invex’s guidance and consulting services enables customers to bring down the costs of managing and maintaining their applications in the cloud.

The company has an innovation center where it works on proof of concepts and develops reusable design patterns.

Customers are hesitant to embrace the managed AWS services like SQS, SNS, and S3 which are easy to use and already exist in the AWS cloud architecture

It uses the CloudFormation scripts to demonstrate for clients how to dynamically build a secure environment using “infrastructure as code”.Invex also looks for innovative ways on how to implement new services and technologies that can help clients to take advantage of the AWS environment. As an example, Invex conducted an experiment where it collected Twitter data from the recent FIFA World cup in Russia. Invex was able to demonstrate how a user can start running that data through SageMaker and implemented machine learning to understand the content and trends related to the world cup. Such a use case can potentially be applied to business data to deliver more innovative services to customers.

In another implementation highlight, a particular client had already moved into Amazon cloud and faced significant costs challenges. Invex identified the areas of opportunity where they could directly use the services provided by Amazon and worked with the development teams of the client to move some of the custom functions to AWS services. As a result, the customer witnessed a significant decrease in the costs and impact on their ROI.

Looking ahead into the future, Invex is seeking ways to implement new services like Fargate into the cloud environment to create multi-region solutions. The organization is set to make an advanced partnership level with Amazon in 2019. There are also plans to invest in developing integrated products in machine learning and innovate new ways to bring value to its customers.

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John Amos, President & CEO

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