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Nagesh Kunamneni, Founder
In today’s business world, the cloud has emerged as an effective technology enabler of new technology solutions, services and products, due to its various benefits in terms of increased efficiency and agility, enhanced performance, and simpler administration and management. Its adoption over the last few years has grown significantly. But, like with any new technology, the transition to the cloud is not free from challenges, and the biggest among those being the rate at which new products and services are being introduced. In addition, other prominent factors like security, compliance, cost, downtime, and vendor lock-in also act as roadblocks that hinder migration to the cloud. “This is where we step in and support enterprises in their digital transformation initiatives,” remarks Nagesh Kunamneni, founder of BizCloud Experts, an IT consulting company based in Texas. “We innovate, transform, and seamlessly blend our business acumen and technical expertise to deliver highly scalable production-ready cloud solutions and services.”

As a recognized AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, BizCloud’s core services and solutions focus on delivering a superior customer experience in solution delivery and implementation. To date, we have migrated applications from ON-PREM/CO-LO to AWS, integrated unmanned kiosks to IoT, and re-engineered applications for cloud hosting. Recently, the company introduced new capabilities that simplify automating IT services, speech enabling, and deploying serverless applications. One of the offerings, smart office solutions, streamlines and makes it easy for small businesses to carry out routine, time-consuming tasks such as managing calendars, dialing into meetings, or reserving conference rooms. Employees can simply use voice recognition technology to interact with this service and immediately get the help they need.

According to Kunamneni, what truly differentiates BizCloud from the other AWS solution providers in the market is the company’s deep industry expertise and technical knowledge. “All of our engineers are certified in AWS and help our customers implement new products and services that seamlessly blend digital and physical domains while improving operational efficiency,” he says.

We innovate, transform, and seamlessly blend our business acumen and technical expertise to deliver highly scalable production-ready cloud solutions

Kunamneni also believes that being an advanced AWS partner provides BizCloud with numerous benefits: access to AWS technology partner ecosystem, license rights to sell AWS to end customers, marketing and business support, and much more.

Here’s a client testimonial that embodies it all. “The team at BizCloud Experts helped us with two high priority projects—application migration to AWS and the launch of a new enterprise data warehouse utilizing Amazon Glue and Amazon Redshift. Their team of highly skilled architects and engineers helped support our engineering team through some complex implementation and data migration challenges. They are professional, responsive and focused on ensuring that we were satisfied with every step of the process. We will continue to use BizCloud Experts for future projects and encourage you to consider them for your strategic technology initiatives.”— Gary Peek, Chief Information Officer (CIO), F&I Express.

Established in 2012, BizCloud has carved a niche for itself in IT services landscape in a short time and is slowly becoming a leading cloud consulting firm. In the days to come, the company will expand its offerings by providing four to five different types of serverless frameworks that are standardized within Amazon’s regulations and readily available for customers. “We also have plans to build an enterprise-only set of skills for voice-enabled applications and make customer interactions with future systems smarter,” wraps up Kunamneni.

BizCloud Experts

Lewisville, TX

Nagesh Kunamneni, Founder

BizCloud Experts helps customers architect, build, migrate, and deploy solutions on AWS. The company is accelerating digital transformation projects for Enterprises through consulting, development, and integrations

BizCloud Experts