Trility Consulting: Secure Cloud Ecosystem with AWS

Matthew D Edwards, Founder & CEO
Considering the knowledge gap, it’s no surprise companies jumping onto the bandwagon of cloud computing are far from achieving a blueprint for success within the cloud. Of late, the concern has transitioned from “how do I start with the cloud?” to focusing more on “we have cloud; assist us in adopting and making full use of it.” “Just because an enterprise has a cloud account or vendor, doesn’t mean it knows how to deliver software on top of it in a predictable, repeatable and continuously valuable manner, let alone secure it,” says Matthew D Edwards, founder and CEO of Trility Consulting. He suggests enterprises require an expert while driving cloud adoption resulting in a competitive advantage. Trility Consulting focuses on enterprise-level cloud adoption strategies and a highly adaptable information security infrastructure by providing verifiably predictable solutions which can be repeatedly implemented across as many business units as makes sense for the context. As a certified AWS consulting partner, Trility Consulting takes charge of architecting, designing, creating, migrating, and managing clients’ workloads and applications on AWS. From enabling cloud adoption, implementation, and migration to providing multi-level cyber-security, full-stack application and systems development, Trility Consulting believes in full system solutions.

Edwards views AWS as the best option available for its extensive services availability, support, adoption velocity, and economics. “Enterprises can get into the AWS ecosystem and start building applications very quickly and easily. AWS also enables a high degree of technology-agnosticism allowing enterprises to run Microsoft stack, Red Hat, Ubuntu and more, simultaneously,” he adds. Trility Consulting assists start-ups, mid-sized, Fortune 500 and 100 companies to design build and manage workloads and applications with greater flexibility and scalability. And Trility Consulting goes beyond just providing its expertise in enabling a secure enterprise cloud ecosystem by also helping to build software solutions on top of it. “Clients approach us with transition challenges concerning ‘where they are’ and ‘where they want to go.’ We help navigate the discovery and definition of ‘done’, priorities and deliverable milestones to increase time-to-value and time-to-revenue velocities,” says Edwards.

We partner with start-ups, SMBs and enterprises to adopt and build secure, reliable continuous delivery infrastructures and applications in AWS

Trility Consulting caters to the digital transformation needs of their clients following three guidelines: create a relationship with a customer, constantly listen, and offer best-of-breed solutions for the context rather than a “one size fits all” approach. This client-focused approach enables Trility Consulting to partner with clients using side-by-side pairing, team coaching and direct implementation methods which is promptly followed by on-going support thereafter. Whether infrastructure as code or application development, Trility Consulting utilizes continuous deployment pipelines as the ‘heartbeat’ of a complete ecosystem to evidentially prove systems and deliverables are both ‘done’ and compliant to standard.

One among several instances, Trility Consulting assisted a Fortune 100 insurance company developing their initial design pattern for a secure, enterprise cloud adoption strategy. The client understood the importance of adopting an enterprise pattern with the ability to be rolled out across multiple business units and the critical need for standards-based information security policies and procedures. Trility Consulting worked closely with the client as a strategic partner for enterprise-level cloud adoption, helping them implement an information security defined and driven cloud template across multiple projects and divisions.

Trility Consulting has invested significant time and effort building out intuitive automation and regulatory compliance behaviors inside their solutions making it easy for clients to become operational within AWS in a very short period of time. Trility Consulting is currently adding projects, people and leadership to its ecosystem as it expands its geographical footprint and looks forward to helping you on your journey as well!

Trility Consulting

Urbandale, Iowa

Matthew D Edwards, Founder & CEO

Implements value-driven cloud adoption frameworks which enable secure, enterprise-scalable continuous development and deployment within AWS

Trility Consulting