HOSTING: Fortifying AWS with Security and Compliance Measures

Sean Bruton, VP of Product
With cloud being touted as everything from a revolution to a disruption, the excitement around cloud computing has reached fever pitch. Allured by the flexibilities and pay-per-use scheme of a cloud environment, many firms have started moving their infrastructures into the cloud provided by AWS and other providers. Managing these infrastructures can prove both difficult and distracting to core business operations due to the unprecedented explosion of data and proliferation of security, compliance and support issues.

“Customers don’t want to be forced to choose between the cloud infrastructure they want and the services they need to ensure availability and security for their production applications,” says Sean Bruton, VP of Product at HOSTING. Fortifying the AWS landscape with its security, compliance and availability offerings, HOSTING is in the unique position of being able to architect and manage business-critical applications on top of AWS infrastructure and across hybrid private cloud and dedicated environments.

While AWS offers an extensive set of tools for developing customized environments, it lacks managed services and support beyond basic infrastructure, challenging many customers to implement and manage these environments on their own.

Moreover, AWS’s compute services are not deployed on a Highly Available (HA) platform requiring clients to manage complex architectures or redevelop legacy applications to maintain availability. HOSTING Unified Cloud Services bridges these gaps by combining the flexibility and scalability of the AWS Cloud Platform with industry-leading managed private cloud services.

“HOSTING Unified Cloud Services offer the freedom to build, deploy and manage new applications in a compliant, secure and HA environment at AWS without having to forgo the stability and cost effectiveness of private cloud platforms. You can use the right tools to support your workloads all managed by the same team with unified visibility for availability, security and spend through a single pane of glass,” informs Bruton.

He further observes, “AWS capabilities are driving developers to adopt the platform in order to build on them rapidly.” But this adeptness also invites spend management issues around the deployment which can get aggravated in times of emergency.

HOSTING has built controlled environments ensuring access to these tools and simultaneously offering security controls and cost management to ensure a successful outcome in the long-term. That's the core of the Unified Cloud. Regardless of the kind of platforms, it ensures a single view into the security and compliance postures, performance, availability and expenditures.

HOSTING Unified Cloud Services for AWS offers the freedom to build, deploy and manage applications in a compliant, secure and HA environment

Alongside, the HOSTING Compliance Dashboard communicates with customers throughout the year—not just on the basis of an audit-cycle—to show them their current compliance posture all in one view. Bruton calls it ‘Compliance-as-a-Service.’

He believes that HOSTING's biggest differentiator is unified security capabilities and services which not only handle intrusion-detection systems and log-management platforms but also offers incident management and security posture validation. He accredits HOSTING’s partnership with Amazon, noting: “Fortified by our security capabilities, AWS is a platform which we utilize to help our customers advance their development capabilities."

For instance, HOSTING helped a client who had doubled its AWS expense due to availability issues around security. HOSTING deployed its spend-management services to monitor the investment against utilization and business objectives. “Within a few weeks the client experienced a reduction on its AWS spend and gained confidence that it was making the correct investments to meet its uptime and performance objectives,” adds Bruton.

Moving ahead, he wants to enhance HOSTING services around containerization and also cloud desktop, which is a rapidly growing platform. Many healthcare companies are adopting cloud desktops and other back-office solutions and HOSTING’s future is chartered to develop these solutions and etch a mark in the cloud hosting space.


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Sean Bruton, VP of Product

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