C2S Consulting Group: Leading Migration to the Cloud

Brandee Daly, President & Founder Brandee Daly, President and Founder of C2S Consulting Group (C2SCG) received the prestigious Federal 100 award for leading cloud migration for the government in 2015. The commendation sparked the attention of many new government agencies and commercial companies who then woke up to embrace cloud—the new wave of innovation, thus instilling in her the entrepreneurial spirit to start C2S Consulting Group. C2S Consulting Group is leading Cloud Migration for both commercial companies and government agencies. “Starting C2SCG was a natural progression for me, backed by my experience in technology and business and inclination toward empowering businesses with right expertise,” says Brandee, a former federal account executive at Amazon Web Services (AWS). “Companies who are able to embrace Cloud will be the Leaders of tomorrow. These include not just IT companies, but companies of almost any industry. The cost savings and ability to quickly innovate will separate companies who will be profitable and viable in tomorrow’s landscape from those who are entrenched in yesterday’s technology, processes, and struggling to keep pace. Companies will need to Embrace the Cloud or Be Left Behind.”

Witnessing a serious shortage in the federal government and commercial space for the right skill-set to transition to cloud, Brandee decided to meet this urgency through C2SCG’s cloud professional services consulting, and product solutions. Under the leadership of Brandee and Trigg Borgerson, the firm’s CTO, C2SCG emerges as an answer to the common quandaries endured by companies amid the volatility of technology market.

Cloud Migration and Adoption: A New Wave of Innovation

“Cloud migration is necessary for today’s enterprises; almost every start-up is on AWS Cloud and companies who want to keep pace with technology changes and innovation will need to migrate to the cloud,” adds Brandee. C2SCG is aimed at changing the corporate culture of its customers by broadening the definition of cloud migration as more than just an IT move. Headquartered at Ashburn, VA, C2SCG aims to address the ‘technology dip’—a gap between transitioning to the cloud and onsite environment. Led by the brightest and best talent, the firm’s AWS certified experts bring in their thought leadership and acumen to conduct cloud, technical, and financial assessments, develop cloud migration and transition plans, and build operational solutions. The company’s architects, developers, and operation engineers propel companies to quickly adapt to changes and implement a holistic DevOps model to automate processes and workflows.

Continuous Innovation Through Devops, Starts with Migration

Cloud adoption has been the most successful when taken as a holistic approach, where people, process and technology must all converge into one strategy. This strategy tends to work best when applied at the enterprise level. It can and should start with all the components of an organization’s program management framework, overlaid with its agile software development methodology and then add the principles of DevOps. Below you can see all the areas that Cloud influences and touches and areas that should be re-engineered to be part of the DevOps process.

We demonstrate the advantages of cloud through our ‘Innovation Lab’ that mimics a government setting to test customers’ existing software and applications when moved to the cloud

“We demonstrate the advantages of cloud through our ‘Innovation Lab’ that mimics a government or commercial setting to test customers’ existing software and applications when moved to the cloud. With this, our customers are able to discover and take advantage of a whole new range of functionalities and cost efficiency when functioning in the AWS environment,” says Brandee. The firm’s Innovation Lab, also perceived as the ‘Tool Mecca’ by many of its clients, occupies a prominent role in migrating customers’ operations to the cloud. The lab also supports Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to make their products more cloud ready. C2SCG has a repertoire of offerings to make products cloud ready including Product Refactoring, AMI development and maintenance and hosting software tools for demos, research and creation of new products and solutions. Product Refactoring involves studying recent software trends and giving recommendations to make the software cloud ready. AMI development and maintenance service assists customers of both AWS or C2SCG and ISVs to focus on selling their products.

Further, C2SCG engages in the development of tools, architecture, and selection to understand what may not work in the cloud and what AWS does not offer to its clients. “Our services are based on the customers’ needs and we have been asked by many of them to find out what works for them from tools perspective,” Brandee claims.

A Preamble to Cloud Migration Services

The company’s core offerings include Cloud Adoption Strategy, Cloud Ready Products as well as services for network security and cloud migration. C2SCG’s Cloud Adoption Strategy encapsulates determining the most befitting cloud adoption method, establishing a Cloud Program Management Office (Cloud PMO), Cloud Migration, Cloud ready solutions, and helping clients optimize on total ownership and cost calculations.

The Cloud PMO is one of the core essentialities for companies seeking AWS Cloud and C2SCG has a proven methodology to help customers establish this service. The Cloud PMO entails multiple layers of organizational alignment, strategy, training, policy, security factors, audit, networks, migration, and billing and reporting. Cloud assessment, the next procedure in the service delivery, involves initial workload discussion, architecture strategy, and cost assessment. “Upon completion of these two tasks, we proceed by setting up Organizational Alignment and assigning the personnel who would be responsible for contracts, networks, infrastructure, training, and policy,” Brandee adds. “We believe people, process, and technology must converge into one strategy to enable cloud adoption and our approach holistically combines the best of customers’ resources.”

After these processes, the experts at C2S start determining the most befitting customer strategy based on their existing networks, infrastructure, audit, security, and policies. Ultimately, this is followed by the implementation and development step that includes provisioning accounts, audit and authentication, development of AMIs and scripts to migrate workloads.
Cloud Adoption through Unique Methodologies

Upon moving to a cloud environment, companies are bestowed with the efficiencies for product development and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery. The move towards the cloud using a DevOps approach helps automate the product testing and scripting processes, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) networks, and roles as much as possible. “The reason behind helping customers implement a DevOps approach is it broadens the scope of application lifecycle management to include owners, customers, and operators,” says Brandee.

To help government agencies and commercial companies tap into the benefits of the Cloud, C2S Consulting Group executes the cloud migration process through a series of steps. “At the very first level, we develop cloud management and project management teams, define standard roles across those teams and give them access to resources. This is followed by the AWS on-boarding process to help customers get started on the cloud,” explains Brandee. Further, the teams carry out identical development, testing, and production in the project environments.

“Next comes the on-premise, public and hybrid cloud network access connectivity, automation, and shared services. Finally, our teams enable customers to track resource utilization and billing as well as note down actual server usage,” Brandee adds.

Through these processes, large government organizations and agencies are able to transfer applications from their private or on-premise environment to AWS saving nearly millions of dollars on annual capital, operational and management expenses.

Another unique attribute of C2SCG is its hourly and subscription-based services and support rendered through emails and calls and on-call deployment support. “Many of our customers prefer having our experts in their teams to help them walk through the services and offer consultation on hourly basis,” expresses Brandee. “We believe this is our core differentiator.”

Bracing the Future with Cloud Migration

Majority of clients from the government and commercial space have long standing associations with C2SCG and this can be attributed to their distinct business culture of service delivery even after solution implementation. “In less than a year after venturing into the cloud services space, C2SCG is set to introduce its latest offering, Provisioning toolkit, a Graphic User Interface (GUI) solution integrated with AWS.”

The solution is deft in monitoring, analytics, and compliance tasks as well as helping its customers identify their most active users and popular features. The LogHoud will also comprise of additional features such as Geospatial Integration and Cyber Analytics.

“The product will be launched to build valuable associations with software vendors to helps us develop plugins. Additionally, it will enable organizations comply with the enterprise audit standards and focus on their key mission,” says Brandee.

“There are many companies out there waiting to be led and supported during cloud migrations and C2SCG is predisposed to meet those needs,” expresses Brandee. The firm is set to support new commercial and government customers and cloud migration strategies though their innovation to garner new partnerships with software developers and customers.

“With the unparallel support of AWS, C2SCG is prepped to achieve all pre-determined objectives of its customers seeking cloud solutions,” concludes Brandee.

C2S Consulting Group

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Brandee Daly, President & Founder

C2S Consulting helps commercial and government companies with cloud computing and migration services.