LABUSA: Safeguarding Information and Cloud Security with Organized IT Practices

Martin Laster, President
A timely and stress-free monthly financial closing is about leveraging IT practices in a way that it comes out to be a profitable deal for the business. In 1998, LABUSA entered the entrepreneurial world with a similar vision to provide IT solutions that best fits into the clients’ business and IT issues, retrieving profitability from the intensified businesses. Martin Laster, President at LABUSA, quotes, “It is how technology is deployed and managed that yields the greatest benefits. Rather than following the release, adopt, and support of unproven cutting edge technology, or ‘bleeding edge’, LABUSA spurred to improve business capabilities by understanding all the technology related issues and leverage the best-of-breed IT practices and security solutions for the clients.”

Catering to the existing information related issues, the company offers a comprehensive set of computing, storage, database, application and support services that helps the clients to minimize their IT expenses and increase efficiency. “It is the availability, security, control, and cost of the information or data which can impact the business operations of our clients,” Laster asserts. The firm brings together its industry expertise and software technology solutions of Amazon Web Services and other business partners to disintegrate the complex information dilemmas. With AWS, LABUSA offers its clients the ability to quickly deploy and scale computing infrastructure to meet their dynamic needs in information management. “The scalability and billing models offer cost controls that are hard to achieve under other solutions, whereas proven technology and solutions have significantly reduced the consistent security concerns,” extols Laster.

Intelligent and effective management of data conceives a major portion of business dynamics. And it brings along the cost and security concerns for the enterprise. “Business requires the ability to capture and process data quickly, translating it into useful information. Added to that, security and cost-sensitiveness hassle the overall productivity. This is where AWS comes in handy,” says Laster.

LABUSA Fax Service is an electronic internet-based fax solution offered by LABUSA as Fax-to-Email or integrated within custom web-based applications. “Our clients benefit from LABUSA Fax Service’s regulatory compliance, the wide use of fax technology, and its inexpensive way for transmitting sensitive personal information,” reckons Laster.
For security concerns, the firm comes up with custom video surveillance solutions that render the ability to integrate digital video surveillance within the IT computing infrastructure. “Our solutions enable better security on the video assets, increases ability for enhanced video analytics, and an overall increase in safety and security,” says Laster.

Partnered with AWS, LABUSA provides AWSGovCloud for better cloud experience to the customers. For instance, a government client found that deploying new technology and leveraging outside expertise to support and modernizing their isolated computing infrastructure was extremely difficult. The company assisted the client with AWSGovCloud that offered a balanced security compliance with the ability to enable increased functionality. “In order to become more efficient through IT operations while maintaining the high level of security they had, LABUSA was able to employ the government specific cloud environment–AWSGovCloud–to meet their needs,” claims Laster.

LABUSA spurred to improve business capabilities by understanding all the related issues and leverage the best-of-breed IT practices and security solutions for the clients

LABUSA differentiates itself from its competitors with its unique ability to take into account the broader issues surrounding its client’s goals. “We engage our clients in a way that unveils several layers of goals, concerns, and needs. We address those items with proven solutions, case studies, well thought-out scenarios, and proof of concepts. This approach enables our clients to build solutions longer into the future,” says Laster.

Moving ahead, the company h a s made significant commitments to its government clients to provide AWSGovCloud and Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) infrastructure solutions in coming years. Expanding the client base to various other industries has also been envisaged in the roadmap of the company.


Carpentersville, IL

Martin Laster, President

Provides solutions for effective management of technology and cloud security with AWS.

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