CTERA Networks: All-in-one Storage Gateway to the Cloud

Liran Eshel, CEO and Co-founder
Cloud services are exceedingly harmonizing the rise of smart devices and BYOD policy approach across the venture where workers expect access to their data from any device. This junction of commotion has given rise to novel cloud-enabled storage services that can be delivered using customers’ own private cloud or borrowed as SaaS directly from cloud storage ISV who host their own service. “To capitalize on the cloud-enabled disruption in IT, CTERA Networks has identified unprecedented demand among leading service providers, resellers and integrators, and cloud storage vendors who have all assembled to provide customerready cloud storage solutions,” narrates Liran Eshel, CEO and Cofounder, CTERA Networks.

With a mission to transform the way people sync, serve, and protect data, CTERA has assembled a worldwide ecosystem consisting of several partners and technology sales person who can monetize limitless pre-existing customer relationships. “Our strength is the platform that provides IT as a Service and as Cloud Storage Service. The platform also gives us an ultimate advantage while delivering cloud-enabled storage services,” expounds Eshel. The company has also taken an aggressive position on the topic of nextgeneration cloud and object storage. CTERA identified a key attribute of ‘Platform-First’ architecture that is critical to the solution today and set the foundation of a long-term product vision. These unique factors swirl around the factors of extensibility, central management and service delivery, and integration and security.

With regard to extensibility, the company’s platform can be extended to support a wide number of centrally managed services. In order to boost CTERA’s service management and delivery system, the company has engineered a system that features automated and templatebased administration to eliminate end point systems and minimize central IT management overload.
“When it comes to integration, there’s no such thing as a closed platform. CTERA’s suite of published, open APIs has already been integrated with leading service delivery and CRM systems,” claims Eshel.

The company’s functionally rich solutions cover a series of enterprise storage use cases that facilitate service providers to exploit Return Preparation Utility (RPU) from a solitary offering and enterprises to guarantee that their data is protected, governable, and securely shared. For instance, Telefonica, which is one of the largest Spanish broadband and telecommunications provider, wanted to offer customers a variety of solutions to support their business processes including hybrid, local/cloud backup, secure file sync and share, and mobile collaboration, all from a single platform with cloud storage infrastructure in their datacenters. “The client chose CTERA’s cloud storage platform, comprising of an on-premise cloud storage gateway, agent for servers, and laptops and mobiles, encompassing a unified management interface. As a result, “Telefonica is hosting the cloud infrastructure in its own datacenters, monitoring and troubleshooting devices and software agents remotely, as well as performing remote firmware and software upgrades,” asserts Eshel. The customer was also able to rapidly launch high-value services, overcoming the performance, security and integration challenges in connecting customers to the cloud.

Earlier this year, the company marked the shipment of 30,000th cloud storage gateway with its end customer-base being tripled in 2013. In the years to come, CTERA intends to reshape the future of cloud storage, since the market is in search of innovative tools that can help organizations sync, serve, and protect data all over the world.

CTERA Networks

New York, NY

Liran Eshel, CEO and Co-founder

Bridging the gap between cloud storage and local storage, providing optimized performance and end-to-end security