Top 10 AWS Companies - 2021

Top 10 AWS Companies - 2021

    Top AWS Companies

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    Cloudike offers a white label platform, enabling telcos to build personal cloud storage solutions for their customers seamlessly. With many useful features such as the cloud file system, photo collections, secured backup of contacts, among others, the Cloudike platform enhances average revenue per user (ARPU) up to one USD. Besides, it also increases customer engagement, reducing the churn rate drastically. Moreover, upon telcos’ request, Cloudike deploys its platform on hosting solutions such as AWS using Dockers. Cloudike uses AWS’ Simple Storage Service (S3) and Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) to store data and gain secure, resizable computing capacity in the cloud

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    Founded in 1996, Redapt is an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner that helps clients navigate through the dynamic technical environment by offering end-to-end technology solutions. The company has architected a technical maturity model that helps align business and technology leadership to accelerate business transformation. Redapt understands that every organization today needs to modernize its datacenter infrastructure to address the ever-evolving business needs. Subsequently, the company offers cloud adoption services to deliver cost-effective application and data migration services that incorporate best practices for security, governance, and architecture

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    Valtira specializes in helping clients meet business goals by using its new product methodology to design and deliver new solutions on time and on budget