Top 20 AWS Solution Providers 2017

Top 20 AWS Solution Providers 2017

AWS is leading the way in what is called a “great migration” to public cloud adoption. From educational institutions to telecoms, banking firms to manufacturing plants, and transportation, most businesses find AWS to be critical in their future business strategy. Enabling increased innovation for the business has been one of the reasons, why more and more sectors are attracted to using AWS services. Changing the way IT services are built and managed, the cloud giant has provided enterprises with several virtual resources to help manage storage, computation, and security.

The industry focus is now moving toward real frameworks and applications, which provide specific abilities to integrate into existing software. Businesses are moving from cloud vendors that were providing infrastructure solutions to providers that are software and solution enablers. AWS is now focused on enabling companies to use more abstraction with service-oriented to particular application areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data collection, and analytics.

To assist CIOs manoeuvre in the right direction while adopting AWS, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts, along with CIOReview’s editorial board has chosen the leading AWS providers.

The companies featured here demonstrate an ability to implement innovative technologies combined with incredible customer service. During the selection, we have analyzed the vendors’ capability to fulfill the ever-growing expectations of flexible and low-cost solutions that will add value to the AWS landscape.

We present to you CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising AWS Solution Providers 2017.

Company Name

Company Description

2nd Watch Provides Public Cloud Workload Management, Cloud Roadmap, Cloud Architecture, and Public Cloud Migrations
ActiveEon Scheduler, Orchestrator, Workflow Automation for AWS
Avantgarde Partners Provides response orchestration solutions to remediate security threats
CloudEnablers Next generation cloud governance and management platform, CoreStack, empower enterprises to cost-effectively adopt cloud. Through its unique “Cloud as Code” approach, CoreStack accelerates AWS adoption, optimizes consumption and enforces governance, empowering businesses to maximize agility and deliver predictable outcomes
Cloudreach A multi-certified Managed Service Partner for AWS
Command Prompt, Inc. Leverages the world’s most advanced open source database for developing, supporting, deploying, and advocating cloud services
EagleDream Technologies A single, lifetime partner for all technology needs, specializing in cloud, security, development, design, and communications solutions
Ensono Works with clients to help them make an easy, hybrid-approach transition from mainframe environments to AWS public cloud
Flux7 Provides AWS migration, AWS DevOps and other services such as IoT architecture and cloud
KnackForge Knackforge success centers on people, process and tools—to define every engagement that they employ with their clients
LucidLink A cloud-native distributed file system built specifically to enable applications running in the cloud, on premise, or the edge, to store and use files directly from object storage
nClouds nClouds is a DevOps and cloud consultancy and service provider specializing in modern infrastructures
Nimbis Services, Inc. Provider of collaborative cloud platform for government and commercial organizations through Collaborative Computing- Innovation Edge™
OpenVPN Inc. Provides next-generation secure and scalable communication services, implementing its business plan through strategic partnerships with key application software providers
OPTIMOZ Enables enterprises to accelerate delivery of applications that engage customers and drive revenue
Scalyr Offer a high-speed, SaaS based platform for log management and server monitoring
SignalFx Delivers a monitoring solution for modern infrastructure capable of ingesting high-frequency and high-volume infrastructure and application metrics
STORAGE MADE EASY An Amazon partner that enables IT to regain control of cloud sprawl, unifying private and public file sharing into a single, converged storage infrastructure
Triangle Cloud Services A consulting company that specializes in planning and managing cloud-based automated IT environments for small businesses to large enterprises.
Trility Consulting Implements value-driven cloud adoption frameworks which enable secure, enterprise-scalable continuous development and deployment within AWS