UNCOMN, LLC: Optimize Business with AWS Expertise

Jason Carter, Founder & President
The Midwest’s hub of innovation and tech startups, St. Louis, is also home to an innovator and new leader in cloud migration. UNCOMN, LLC, founded in 2010 as ‘Aegis Strategies’, is leveraging AWS to solve some of the DoD’s most complex technical challenges and has started offering these services to the private sector. UNCOMN’s capabilities span several areas including cybersecurity, supply chain optimization, data analytics, and software development, but becoming an AWS partner has catalyzed their business and provided them a platform to furnish significant added value to their clients. Migrating systems to the cloud is not a one-size-fits-all process. UNCOMN holistically analyzes their clients’ business processes, systems, and data to develop custom cloud solutions supporting strategic business goals.

UNCOMN’s success came through the adoption and application to their clients of their own internal agile development process. “We work hard to understand the problems our clients are trying to solve and view every client’s business as a system of systems,” highlights Nick Powers, VP of Growth. During the first phase of engagement—Inception—UNCOMN maps a client’s business value stream and identifies problems and opportunities. With a full understanding of the business drivers, UNCOMN provides recommendations to optimize processes, people, and technology, often leveraging AWS technologies. UNCOMN’s engineers automate tasks such as managing and updating database servers using Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service), trading the high costs of maintaining internal servers for the cost effectiveness offered by Amazon.

The company’s leaders observed a shift by DoD organizations to adopt cloud-based technologies. UNCOMN’s expertise in networking, infrastructure as code, cybersecurity, data, and disaster recovery was key to developing migration plans for government systems. Without this expertise, government customers were reluctant to take the plunge. “We have a team that covers all aspects of a cloud migration with the ability to plan and deliver like no other small business for the federal government,” says UNCOMN’s President, Jason Carter.

As an AWS public sector partner, UNCOMN played an important role in a research and development project carried out by the DoD.
Nick Powers, VP of Growth
This included researching the best big data tools for a large data integration opportunity and creating Data Lake capabilities for the government. Initially conceived by the government as an on-premise solution, UNCOMN was hand-selected to accelerate the development using AWS technologies. Leveraging UNCOMN’s transportation logistics operational expertise and pairing that with their AWS cloud engineers, UNCOMN migrated the environment and provided significant value to the client.

UNCOMN holistically analyzes their clients’ business processes, systems, and data to develop custom cloud solutions supporting strategic business goals

Building from their experience in the public sector, UNCOMN now provides custom AWS solutions to commercial customers. One of their most interesting projects included UNCOMN developing an AWS cloud solution for processing hyper-spectral drone images using machine learning. Developing the solution in just 60 days, UNCOMN was able to meet the requirements of the client, which required meeting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) data security requirements.

According to Carter and Powers, UNCOMN’s major differentiator is not their unique technology solutions or experiences, but their people. UNCOMN prides itself on hiring what they term ‘uncommon geniuses’ that not only meet, but consistently exceed client expectations. Continually investing in the professional well-being, development, and training of their consultants, UNCOMN has emerged as an AWS services industry expert providing cloud impact to mid-sized and large companies.


St. Louis, MO

Jason Carter, Founder & President and Nick Powers, VP of Growth

A public sector AWS partner and vendor that help companies in the DoD and commercial space solve their technical challenges