Stratus10: Bootstrapping Businesses with High-Quality Cloud Solutions

Oscar Moncada, Co-Founder & CEO
Only a few people saw it coming. The success of AWS, a pioneer in cloud computing, came as a surprise, even for its creators. AWS has already set a benchmark across the globe with on-demand cloud computing platforms for individuals, companies, and governments. With an easy access to consoles and monitoring systems, and over 125 distinct services delivering enhanced flexibility, scalability and security, there is hardly anything users cannot build on AWS today. However, the small and mid-sized companies entering the AWS space have a lot to learn in order to reap the benefits of what AWS has to offer. The end-user companies migrating to AWS provide their developers with AWS accounts to expend their expertise on, but learning it all overnight is simply not feasible. Governed by a mission to assist small and mid-sized companies in discovering the power of the cloud, San Diego based Stratus10 leverages its AWS expertise to deliver cloud solutions and managed services on AWS. With DevSecOps experience and solely focused on Amazon Web Services, the team at Stratus10 knows what it takes to migrate and manage the infrastructure on AWS efficiently and successfully.

Founded in 2017 by a group of AWS experts with a vision of improving overall cloud experience, Stratus10 dove straight into the business ecosystem to assist companies seamlessly migrate from traditional infrastructure to cloud-based models for greater efficiency and desired return on investment (ROI). “In a very short period, we transitioned from Amazon’s registered partner to a standard-tier partner, and are on our way to becoming an advanced-tier partner with accelerated growth and revenues,” states Oscar Moncada, Co-Founder & CEO of Stratus10. Backed by founders with a decade-long experience in partnership and collaborative work with AWS Stratus10 centers its solutions on imparting the value of technical validation among its clientele for enormous ramp-ups and making AWS services compatible with complex customer projects. “We are not a spin-off or a partner from a merger that specializes in AWS practice.
We are a fully self-funded firm, without any investments from external sources or venture capital, solely working on AWS,” says Stratus10’s Co- Founder & CTO, Kevin RisonChu.

Apart from possessing an in-depth AWS expertise, Stratus10’s uniqueness stems from its ability to effectively guide and navigate companies through DevOps implementations with a specialized staff certified and accredited by AWS. Having started small with generic cloud migration solutions, Stratus10 has evolved to provide advanced solution architecture services, security automation implementation, auditing, and DevOps automation. “DevOps is not just an automation of a build it is more cultural and changes the way customers see the product cycles. We help our clients adapt to this new culture,” adds RisonChu. With a vested interest in clients’ success, Stratus10 enables the clients to harness the true potential of AWS and understand the solution being implemented. Stratus10’s team effectively leverages its extensive experience to drive architectural decisions, empowering clients to ramp up, maintain and augment their systems on the groundwork built by the team.

The company also facilitates the balancing of resource utilization and cost optimization for efficient management of costs on the cloud. Instead of taking up a project, and delivering results after completion, Stratus10 works with the clients every step of the way while minimizing solution maintenance cost for the future. “Our primary focus is on the customers’ needs. We listen to their business challenges and requirements, and deliver a solution to address them accordingly,” RisonChu says. Recently, the firm assisted one of its client scale and streamline their applications’ reliability and deployment process on the cloud. This particular case study reveals the unparalleled performance of Stratus10’s team that analyzed traffic patterns and developed a plan to achieve Amazon bill cost optimization while maintaining a scalable infrastructure, and reduced customer on-boarding process time.

With the testament of such success stories marking the climax of a prosperous year, Stratus10 is all geared up for 2019 with an ambitious service roadmap and client pipeline across the US.


San Diego, CA

Oscar Moncada, Co-Founder & CEO and Kevin RisonChu, Co-Founder & CTO

Stratus10 helps clients successfully migrate and manage their infrastructure on Amazon Web Services by designing and building highly-scalable, cost-effective cloud solutions for their businesses