OpenVPN Inc.: Next-Generation Secure and Scalable Communication

Francis Dinha, Co-Founder & CEO
Traditionally, organizations built on-premise private networks to not only enable and secure all their internal information transactions but also with the outside world. They were in complete control of their network. However, once the organizations started moving toward the cloud like the AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)—the equivalent of on-premise private network—in search of increased agility and productivity, it required an all-new form of network security. Those implementing VPC seek the same level of security comparable to their on-premise counterparts. OpenVPN Inc., a Silicon Valley based company addresses this need with its award-winning OpenVPN Access Server software that bridges the gap between remote users and their organization’s data on the cloud, securely and reliably.

“The Access Server is a closed-source, commercially-supported management application that runs on top of the standard OpenVPN core and controls it via the published OpenVPN Management Interface,” says Francis Dinha, the Co-Founder and CEO of OpenVPN.

Access Server has the added benefits of being very versatile, well supported, and cost-effective. The tool accommodates Users’ devices for Windows, Mac, Linux, and iOS environments while supporting a wide range of configurations, including remote access to private cloud network resources and applications. It’s a solution on the AWS Marketplace that enables a public facing secure gateway to the cloud. Employees or members of any organization can connect securely to the VPC through a level of multi-factor authentication procedures and fine-grained access control mechanism.

“Access Server opens up a secure tunnel through the internet all the way to the VPC which allows you to access the required information without worrying about data security,” says Dinha.

In terms of authentication, Access Server supports Local DB, LDAP, Active Directory, and RADIUS. This helps organizations with various regulatory compliance requirements.

Access Server offers scalability, flexibility, and stability. The number of servers deployed by an organization depends on the level of scalability required. As a flexible software package, Access Server can expand its scalability unlike hardware-based VPN solutions to accommodate as many servers as needed.

Access Server enables any type of User’s Devices (PC, MAC, Mobile) to open a secure tunnel, through the internet all the way to the VPC which allows you to access the required information without worrying about data security

The BYOL license model is based on allowable concurrent connections to the server, so you can have as many client devices deployed as you like with the license size determining how many clients can connect simultaneously. OpenVPN offers 2 free concurrent connections for testing.

For example, a European company called Trane— which is an air conditioning system solutions provider—wanted to monitor their AC units and the environment remotely, while securely exchanging information with their customers by piggybacking on their public Wi-Fi. OpenVPN helped Trane build its own private network on top of the internet and segment each customer in a different group by providing them different access to different resources through access control. Deploying Access Server, Trane has seen significant improvement in security, scalability, and customer satisfaction.

With more than 50 million downloads since its inception, OpenVPN is now moving to the next level by becoming a valuable On Premise, On Cloud, and SaaS solution for IT personnel from small businesses to large enterprises.

Despite this huge penetration into the marketplace, the team at OpenVPN says it’s just the beginning. Not overestimating their potential, Dinha says, “Maybe we’re not going to be able to solve all the problems of security for the consumers,” but adds with optimistic determination, “It’s a really different model and we believe this is going to be the future.”

OpenVPN Inc.

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Francis Dinha, Co-Founder & CEO

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OpenVPN Inc.