Logz.io: The AI-Powered Log Analytics Platform

Tomer Levy, Co-founder & CEO
“Today, migrating applications to the cloud has become a norm in business,” begins Tomer Levy, co-founder and CEO of Logz.io. “The practice is in sync with the market needs and technological requirements.” As companies adopt the cloud to harbor their applications, they receive larger and larger volumes of log data from applications, containers, operating systems, and cloud providers. “This data signifies billions of events that occur in an AWS environment,” says Levy. “However, zeroing in on the most critical ones is almost an impossible task for enterprises.” Boston-based Logz.io fulfills organizations’ dire needs to monitor their environments through its felicitous solution and provides an enterprise-grade log analytics service that is based on the ELK Stack with alerts, unlimited scalability, and unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. “Logz.io was founded with a mission to break the mould for the clients and empower them in discerning the significance of the data,” states Levy.

Logz.io—a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform—simplifies the process of data analysis by accumulating and creating a unified view of data for the client. “Logz.io has the ability to analyze gathered log information and search patterns adopted by engineers while exploring critical incidences,” says Levy. “Small and medium businesses have a billion events every day, and the engineers have to check millions of events to zero-in on critical events.” The extensive database of Logz.io plays a crucial role in machine learning and expediting the process of event search. The platform garners rich insights about the events from various sources and labels the incidences to alert the clients. “We have a powerful learning system that becomes smarter along with the rapid growth of users in the system,” states Levy. “And it helps the clients and engineers with troubleshooting the problem.”

“We leverage open source technologies and the latest technological trends to empower our solutions,” says Levy. The company harnesses and enables technological trends such as microservices, Docker containers, and Lambda.

Logz.io has the ability to analyze gathered log information and search patterns adopted by engineers while exploring critical incidences

“The use of microservices and containers amplifies the need to constantly gather event data and provide insights to this data,” states Levy. The company helps clients to use Lambda to troubleshoot machine data from server-less code execution and allows them to monitor the systems.

“We provide additional capabilities around ELK as an enterprise-grade solution,” states Levy. Logz.io provides a solution enterprises can rely on to run their business with additional features which are not included in the open source version. “Users can monitor, troubleshoot, and gain visibility into complex and scalable web applications. Within the content library, they have pre-configured dashboards that ensure visibility,” says Levy. “Logz.io not only bestows the customers with visibility into their environments but also empowers them to tackle challenges related to security, compliance, and privacy,” says Levy. The company is aware of subtler transformations pertinent to security architecture and application stacks when clients migrate applications to the cloud. The SOC2 compliant solution endows users with robust security integration stack such as single sign-in, multi-factor authentication, and role-based access. Logz.io helps clients with an AI engine that finds critical events.

“We see more organizations requiring an enterprise-grade log analytics solution that is based on open source, so we aim to make Logz.io an industry standard,” states Levy. “At the end of the day, we have to add business value through our analytical prowess,” concludes Levy.


Boston, MA

Tomer Levy, Co-founder & CEO

Provides enterprise-grade ELK as a service with alerts, unlimited scalability, and predictive fault detection through data analytics