Evident.io: Bringing Comprehensive Security Intelligence to the Cloud

Tim Prendergast, Founder & CEO
Nowadays, most organizations worldwide are moving toward cloud environments at a rapid pace. This shift is largely driven by the benefits cloud computing offers like speed, agility, and flexibility. Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leader in public cloud (IaaS) infrastructure, offers reliable and scalable cloud computing services to enable organizations to leverage the efficiencies of cloud, but security, governance, and compliance still remain top concerns for companies migrating to cloud. To mitigate these risks, AWS partners with cloud security providers like Evident.io to empower organizations to address security and compliance needs robust cloud-native solutions. “Evident.io leverages the latest ingredients of AWS capabilities to deliver an ‘up to date’ security platform for customers that is easy to use and fast to set up,” says Tim Prendergast, Founder and CEO, Evident.io.

The company’s Evident Security Platform (ESP) provides enterprises with continuous cloud-native security for their AWS cloud infrastructure. It helps them identify security mis-configuration risks and vulnerabilities across the entire organization on a global dashboard in a matter of minutes. ESP also provides security and engineering staff with guided remediation enabling the rapid resolution of issues as and when they occur. “We clearly label, prioritize, and organize data in an easy to consume manner for the customer,” adds Prendergast. “ESP is flexible and enables native integration with DevOps processes, delivering security intelligence in a short span of time.”

In addition, the customization features of the platform empower companies to either disable or add custom security and compliance policy checks to extend ESP’s capabilities and security intelligence. “The configurability we offer helps companies to secure and maintain a level of compliance and governance over their customers, data, and business,” says Prendergast. Many companies have witnessed profound customer satisfaction after deploying Evident.io’s SaaS delivered security services.

ESP is flexible and enables native integration with DevOps processes, delivering security intelligence in a short span of time

In an implementation highlight, a notable organization in the financial sector decided to move to AWS. However, the company’s in-house security systems lacked the ability to maintain the integrity and regulatory compliance of AWS workloads. The customer approached Evident.io seeking a solution to accelerate the delivery of workloads to AWS, as well as ensure a high level of security and regulatory compliance. Once ESP was deployed, the client was able to get security visibility and intelligence on it’s AWS environment within five minutes. The customer was also provided with a constantly updated security platform, enabling them to build their own custom security control to meet their regulatory and internal compliance needs.
“A unique advantage of ESP is that companies can use ESP’s API to integrate it into other security and DevOps tools,” adds Prendergast. Evident.io makes it possible for customers to have their DevOps teams effectively run a secure cloud infrastructure and receive alerts and regular notifications on the progress. “We also accelerate our clients’ DevOps processes through the integration of ESP into their DevOps toolchain, allowing them to get security updates as they execute their deployments,” says Prendergast.

Evident.io will continue innovating to provide advanced cloud-native security solutions that meet customers’ needs and improve security for the broader AWS ecosystem. “Our company is all about speed and intelligence; our customers will continue to see us adding value and new security insights to the platform,” says Prendergast. The company vows to persistently deliver comprehensive security intelligence in the AWS arena faster than anyone else.


Dublin, CA

Tim Prendergast, Founder & CEO

Provider of a security platform that offers continuous security monitoring and remediation guidance for cloud infrastructures of all sizes